Make Newton Pediatrics your medical home. Are you expecting a new baby? Are you changing pediatricians or moving to the area? Your welcome to our office begins with a complimentary prenatal visit or a first-time pediatric consultation.

Do you need help deciding if our office is a good fit for you and your child?
How to Choose a Pediatrician can help you prepare for our first meeting.


Flu vaccines are now available! Vaccination is recommended for all children older than 6 months of age. Please make an appointment as soon as possible to get your child vaccinated before the flu season gears up. Babies and children having the flu vaccines for the first time need to have 2 shots, 1 month apart, to be fully protected.

Dr. Krisztina Bukur-Doczy


As part of the Boston Children’s Hospital network, we are dedicated to provide the highest standard of pediatric care.
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Travel Medicine

Are you taking a trip abroad? We offer preventative treatment and specialized diagnosis for travel-related illnesses.
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Behavioral Health

We take a comprehensive approach to addressing your child’s physical and mental health needs.
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Environmental Health

We will work with you to understand how to best create a healthy environment for your child’s success.
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