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What an adventure! Your toddler is on the move, your preschooler is mastering the potty, and your kids are going out for sports. In the midst of all the growth and change, Newton Pediatrics is monitoring your child’s health. Visit us every year for a health checkup and consultation. Call on us whenever you need advice. If your child becomes ill or injured, we are available to you 24/7 and will make a same-day appointment with you.

You may have lots of questions: Is my child ready for kindergarten? Does my son have a vision issue? What kinds of reading help works best? Do I need a school advocate to help my child get an individual learning program? What is the most dangerous sport for kids, and how can I protect my child?

Bring all of your concerns to Newton Pediatrics. For those children with complex medical or behavioral issues, we’ll guide you towards the best options through our network of specialists. We embrace environmental health, including “alternative” approaches that can optimize successful outcomes.

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