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Puberty usually occurs between 10 and 16 in boys and 9 and 14 in girls. It is an extraordinary time of rapid growth. During this time the brain develops as quickly as it did in infancy! With all the changes occurring, teens may wish to have a private consultation with our medical staff.

Pre-teens and teens want to be sure that their experiences are “normal”. During our private meetings, we can listen carefully to their concerns. We might bring up topics like bodily changes to expect, sexual development, social issues, drugs and alcohol, and timely topics.

We continue to serve our adolescent patients through the college years, including coordinating care with on-campus resources. We can collaborate with pediatricians or subspecialists regarding chronic illness and mental health issues and manage prescriptions in a safe and professional environment.

We also consider a newly-defined developmental stage of post-adolescence referred to as a late adolescent stage. It may be that the time needed for child development is lengthening into the early twenties. We continue to serve the young person’s emotional and physical health needs until it is time to transition to an internist or family practitioner.

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