Environmental Health


Environmental health

Environmental health

Environmental medicine is concerned with the effects of a child’s social and physical surroundings on his or her development at certain critical times. Our practice is especially sensitive to environmental health issues. We encourage you to ask us questions and express your concerns.

What are possible triggers from the environment? We explore a wide range of environmental factors in your child’s immediate surroundings (bedroom, home, school, neighborhood), as well as state-wide, national, and global environmental conditions.

Although some issues may still be too complex for definitive recommendations, the growing availability of research continues to inform our advice.

We advise on environmental issues such as

  • Allergens, dust, mold
  • Nitrates, coliform bacteria, and other exposures from food
  • Exposure to lead
  • Exposure to substances related to the family’s occupations and hobbies
  • Sun and other exposures to ultraviolet radiation
  • Tobacco smoke and use exposure by household members
  • Water contamination

For a reliable resource on environmental health, we recommend The Environmental Working Group

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